No industrial feedlots here.

For five generations, we have been raising beef with a deep understanding of the land. This is a family operation that does small things the right way. We have been practicing this for over 100 years.


Hormone free, anit-biotic free.

Each animal is cared for, fed and processed individually ensuring quality and transparency of source.


100% Delicious

Historically, beef this good was only available to families living on this land, and ranching their own cattle. Now, it is available to grace your table, direct to your door.


– How beef was meant to be –


Good beef is not an industrial product.

Like wine, there are different flavor profiles, and different textures. These differences depend on many variables such as the age of the animal, how it was raised, what it ate, and how it was processed. that is why we offer…

  • Grain Finished Beef - sweet, mild flavor, tender with marbling throughout.

  • Grass Fattened Beef - full flavor, firm bite, full of healthy omega fats.

  • Animal age - typically we process yearlings, but offer options for two years old and older are available for those wanting richer flavor

  • Dry Ageing - typically we dry age 14 days, but offer up to 30 days dry ageing for extra buttery texture.

We stock grain -finished beef year round, and naturally grass fattened beef in the summer months. Watch this site for availability or sign up for our “Shortgrass Prairie Companion” which will let you know when we have fresh supply.

Talk to us if you have specific requests or questions!


– Shortgrass Prairie Companion –

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